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Raze Works LLC is a leading demolition and site development contractor that was founded in 2020 with a commitment to responsible development for sustainable communities and a better future. With over 60 years of combined industry experience, their team comprises experienced professionals who are dedicated to exceeding client expectations and forging lasting relationships with their customers.

Raze Works has gained recognition for its unique approach to demolition and site development, which focuses on responsible transformation and revitalization of existing commercial properties. By prioritizing responsible development, they aim to contribute to the long-term sustainability of the communities they work in.



our expert work is unparalleled, backed by years of experience, skill, and dedication to exceeding client expectations.


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we provide quick support to ensure that our clients’ needs are met promptly and efficiently.

Their comprehensive solutions ensure that their client’s needs are met and that projects are successful. From initial site evaluations and demolition planning to site development and environmental remediation, Raze Works provides a full range of services to meet the diverse needs of its clients.

In less than three years, Raze Works has quickly established itself as a leading contractor in their field, earning a reputation for its commitment to responsible development. Their success is a testament to the quality of their work and the dedication of their team to exceed their client’s expectations. Raze Works continues to build on its success by investing in its team and staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and technologies.


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Works LLC?

At Raze Works, we understand that choosing a demolition and site development contractor is an important decision. That's why we go above and beyond to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality service, professionalism, and expertise. Our principal members have over sixty years of combined experience in the industry, and we bring that knowledge and expertise to every project we undertake. We are committed to providing innovative solutions for responsible development. Our unique approach to demolition and site development focuses on minimizing waste, recycling materials, and promoting sustainability. Choose Raze Works for your demolition and site development needs and experience the difference that our commitment to quality, safety, and innovation can make.


We have worked on a wide variety of projects, from small-scale demolitions to large-scale commercial developments.


We are equipped with the latest safety equipment and techniques to ensure that every project is completed safely and efficiently.


Our team is always on the go, looking for new ways to improve our processes and reduce our environmental impact.